LNYF Auditions

Saturday, September 26
Gargoyle and Mallinckrodt MPR
Skit 11AM-1PM
Cal Hsiao and Vincent Truong
Chinese Yoyo 1PM-3PM
Timothy Young and Jonathan Shieh
Lion Dance 3PM-5PM
Sarah Jeu and Kevin Huang
Samulnori 5PM-7PM
Erin Lee and Joy Lin

DUC 233
Fusion 7PM-9PM
Fiona Wu and Erfei Zhao
Sunday, September 27
Mallinckrodt 100A
Wa Minority Dance 11AM-1PM
Katherine Yan
Tinikling 5PM-7PM
Helen Li and Chris Cahoon
Standing Drum 7PM-9PM
Justin Bae
Korean Fan 9PM-11PM
Kenyah Calhoun

Alternative Processes
Justin Finkel justin.finkel@wustl.edu
Fashion Show
Jessica Lin lin.jessica@wustl.edu
Stage Crew
Jonathan Shieh jshieh130@gmail.com
Sunday, October 4
Mallinckrodt 100A
Hula 11AM-1PM
Iris Kuo and Melissa Wong
Martial Arts 5PM-7PM
Max Wang, Darron Su, and Eddie Xie
Sword Dance 7PM-9PM
Sarah Lin and Jen Chen
Chinese Fan 9PM-11PM
Kara Wen, Nancy Fang, and Christina Gu

Other Contact
Makeup Auditions
Send questions here: wu.lnyf@gmail.com
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LNYF Spotlight

Christina Gu
Name: Christina Gu
Year: Junior
Major: Statistics
Participation in LNYF: Choreographer for Chinese Fan
Zodiac Animal: Dog!
First thing that comes to mind when you hear LNYF: Pork buns
Favorite LNYF memory: I used to do a lot of Chinese fan performances as a kid. Once I entered high school, I stopped dancing completely. The first time I went on stage during freshman year, it felt like I was back to those days, and I realized how much Chinese dance meant to me. I'm so grateful for the LNYF community and its creative and passionate dancers. Standing on stage with friends and presenting half a year's worth of hard work is also rewarding in itself.

About Lunar New Year Festival

February 5, 2016 @ 7pm and February 6, 2016 @ 2pm and 7pm in Edison Theatre.

Lunar New Year Festival (LNYF) is the name of a student-run organization at Washington University in St. Louis and the name of the annual performance it produces to celebrate the Lunar New Year and promote the awareness of different facets of Asian culture. The show, which is performed three times over two days at Edison Theatre in the Mallinckrodt Center on WashU's campus, is a completely student-run production involving students from various cultural groups on campus. At the same time, it allows WashU students to engage with multiple St. Louis communities by exploring Asian heritage from a traditional as well as a modern perspective.

Through a great variety of exciting performances of acting, dancing, and music, people of all backgrounds can enjoy and celebrate the New Year together. While LNYF makes its mark through the final production showcasing various facets of Asian culture, it does not stop at the level of simply "another cultural show." LNYF seeks to leave a prolonged impact upon its viewers through our skit and philanthropy. In the skit, we seek to demonstrate important issues that Asian Americans deal with on a daily basis. Additionally, each year, LNYF chooses a different philanthropy to support to not only impact the WashU community, but the St. Louis community as well.


Gateway 180 :: Homelessness Reversed

The largest 24-hour emergency housing organization in Missouri.

LNYF is much more than just a show. Every year, LNYF works with a charity organization to make an impact in the surrounding community and beyond. This year, we are partnering with Gateway 180, which helps families escape homelessness in St. Louis. We are planning on fundraising $7,150 with proceeds from the show, donations from corporate sponsors, and monthly fundraisers. In addition, we will be volunteering on-site and on-campus with basic necessity drives, brown bagging events, and more. We invite you to help us in whatever way you can so we can do our best with Gateway 180 to find everybody in St. Louis a place to call home.
Want to get more involved? LNYFundraising Crew may be right for you! As a member, you would help plan and participate in our fundraising and philanthropic events. To find out more, fill out this form and/or email our Director of Development, Naveen Jain at naveen.jain@wustl.edu.
For more information on Gateway 180, please visit their site.

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