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About Lunar New Year Festival

February 5, 2016 @ 7pm and February 6, 2016 @ 2pm and 7pm in Edison Theatre.

Lunar New Year Festival (LNYF) is a student-run organization at Washington University in St. Louis and the annual performance of the same name produced to celebrate the Lunar New Year and promote the awareness of different facets of Asian culture. The show, which is performed three times over two days at Edison Theatre in the Mallinckrodt Center on WashU's campus, is a completely student-run production involving students from various cultural groups on campus. At the same time, it allows WashU students to engage with multiple St. Louis communities by exploring Asian heritage from a traditional as well as a modern perspective.

Through exciting performances ranging from acting to dancing to martial arts, people of all backgrounds can enjoy and celebrate the Lunar New Year together at WashU. While LNYF makes its mark through the final production showcasing various facets of Asian culture, it hopes to make its mark as more than just another campus cultural show. LNYF seeks to leave a prolonged impact upon its viewers through our skit and philanthropy. In the skit, we seek to acknowledge and address important issues to the Asian American community that not only affect Asian Americans, but all people across the globe. Additionally, each year, LNYF chooses a different philanthropy to support to not only impact the WashU community, but the St. Louis community as well. This year we have chosen the philanthropy Gateway 180 :: Homelessness Reversed.


Gateway 180 :: Homelessness Reversed

The largest 24-hour emergency housing organization in Missouri.

LNYF is much more than just a show. Every year, LNYF works with a charity organization to make an impact in the surrounding community and beyond. This year, we are partnering with Gateway 180, which helps families escape homelessness in St. Louis. We are planning on fundraising $7,150 with proceeds from the show, donations from corporate sponsors, and monthly fundraisers. In addition, we will be volunteering on-site and on-campus with basic necessity drives, brown bagging events, and more. We invite you to help us in whatever way you can so we can do our best with Gateway 180 to find everybody in St. Louis a place to call home.

For more information on Gateway 180, please visit their site here.

Gateway 180 Logo

LNYF 2016 Performers

Tingting Huang (Pipa)
Melody Sun (Erhu)
Jonathan Shieh (Choreographer)
Timothy Young (Choreographer)
Dante Chao
John Lin
Katherine Yang
Kevin Wu
Lawrance Lee
Timothy Chen
Justin Finkel (Choreographer)
Reid Schur (Choreographer)
Andrew O'Sullivan
Arron Kruse
Elisa De Togni
Karina Del Valle
Sam Schimek
Yonatan David
Erin Lee (Choreographer)
Joy Lin (Choreographer)
Amy Chun
Angela Park
Anna Kolasa
Ariel Kang
Bryan Oh
Cindy Chong
Danni Yang
Erica Ryu
Erin Drolet
Grace Lu
Jade Jarvis
Justin Sanghyun Bae
Mingxi Li
Monica Lim
Ria Han
Stacey Uhm
Fiona Wu (Choreographer)
Erfei Zhao (Choreographer)
Aaron Sun
Ana Boyer
Cathy Kuang
Chenlu Gao
Claudia Hendrick
Elynna Bandi Youm
Enddy Cho
Jen X. Chen
Lydia Reader
Savannah Rodriguez
Martial Arts
Maxwell Wang (Choreographer)
Edward Xie (Choreographer)
Abigail Chua
Courtney Kolberg
Natalie Ng
Takuya Inoue
Veronica Li
Darron Su (Choreographer)
Alan Soetikno
Alex Lundberg
Justin Chen
Maggie Jia
Shelly Wu
Stephenie Wang
Christopher Cahoon (Choreographer)
Helen Li (Choreographer)
Amy Fok
Brandon Eng
Ethan Poh
Hannah Moon
Hero Robles
Iris Seto
Jeff Shi
Megan Bacani
Michael Bui
Michael Chang (Sophomore)
Mikaela Jamieson
Niki Song
Richard Lee
Tracy Zhang
Jen X Chen (Choreographer)
Sarah Lin (Choreographer)
Angela Yim
Demi Shen
Emily Lee
Emily Wu
Jennifer Chen
Joanne Li
Marie Liu
Sharpay Zhang
Tiffany Yao
Tiffany Zhang
Iris Kuo (Choreographer)
Melissa Wong (Choreographer)
Amanda Brown
Claire Komyati
DK Kim
Emily Rapoza
Ian Sekiguchi
Israel Hilerio
Jan Elm
Katy Brainerd
Kayla Seto
Kelsie Kodama
Kent Wang
Madison McManus
Makai Mann
Michael Xi
Nathan Walton
Ryan Sachar
Yi Min Hou
Lion Dance
Sarah Jeu (Choreographer)
Eric Young
Evelyn Shen
Vincent Ann
Kevin Huang (Choreographer)
Darcy Guo
Stone Yan
Will Tong
Natalie Wen
Eric Zhu
Standing Drum
Justin Sanghyun Bae (Choreographer)
Colman Jin
Eugene Jang
Gennaro Olivo
Jinyoung Park
Mike Sanghyun Park
SungSik Sam Zhu
Youngsun Won
Korean Fan
Kenyah Calhoun (Choreographer)
Christine Weinan Zhao
Cynthia Zhang
Emily Meyer
Emily Wyland
Jessica Miao
Kathryn Achuck
Kelly Jung
Mary Gumbs
Michelle Zhang
Quynh-Trang Nguyen
Shana Zucker
Shannon Jiang
Chinese Fan
Nancy Fang (Choreographer)
Christina Gu (Choreographer)
Kara Wen (Choreographer)
Christina Wang
Claire Ma
Elise Wang
Emily Chu
Hang Xue
Jenna Epstein
Lucy Dai-He
Melinda Davies
Serena Fang
Cal Hsiao (Skit Director)
Vincent Truong (Skit Director)
Andrew Lee
Angela Park
Ashley Chuck
Doyle Lokitiyakul
Jesse Kao
Kathleen Yang
Kevin He
Michael Xi
Shawn He
Wa Minority Dance
Katherine Yan (Choreographer)
Annie Lu
Claire Krupela
Helen Li (Freshman)
Jessica Lin
Kara Wen
Maria Schulz
Sarah Wang
Tiffany La
Stage Crew
Ricardo Solis (Lighting Director)
Maomao Lai (Stage Manager)
Alicia Chen
Amanda Jung
Christopher Lin
Emily Liu
Julia Vogl

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